We Serve Ventura County

Preferred Hospice Care enjoys a exceptional reputation for kind, compassionate, professional state-of-the-industry care for terminally ill patients and their families. We treat teach family as a unit with the transitioning loved one at the nucleus of this final journey. Our service footprint is entire span of Ventura County County where our highly-credentialed staff provide the best possible care.

Our doctors, nurses, clergy, psychologists, aides, caretakers, nutritionists, operations staff and all others involved with our facility and services have strong ties to our community. Each of our caring staff members are vested in the well-being of your loved one and your family. Each also brings their unique contribution through community partnerships that have resulted in Preferred Hospice Care earning strong partnerships with community organization dedicated to serving those nearing the end of life and their families.

We know that prompt updates on your loved one’s evolving prognosis is important to you. Sometimes families are scattered all over the country and even across continents and planning to visit a terminally ill loved one is important to all concerned. Not everyone knows what to watch for to signal a gathering of the loved one’s closest family and friends. Frankly, many families are ashamed or afraid to ask.

It is important to us to know that you are comfortable in asking anything you need to know to help make critical health care decisions and to manage the affairs of your family and close circle. With us, you will not face these final weeks, days or hours alone. We know that it is a challenging transition to all involved on emotional, spiritual and physical levels which is why we grow even closer as your loved one approaches the final journey.

Our Preferred Hospice Care team knows the difference between loving, expert care and intrusion. We are always a phone call or hallway away when you need the space with your loved one and know that we need to remain vigilant to spring into action when you need us. This is your time. We recognize that it is sacred. We are here to keep your loved one as comfortable, safe, loved and cared for as possible, allowing family and close friends to live this final chapter as most befitting to their loved one.

Tolerating pain is not a virtue at the end of life. We guide our patients and families through these final steps with absolute transparency in prognosis, with loving kindness, with an abundance of psychological and spiritual support and open hearts. So many face this final transition without medical care or emotional and spiritual support. Often, a family caregiver or team tries to cope with managing end-of-life ill-equipped to provide the best care for their loved one. Despite the best of intentions, symptoms remain untreated and pain is not sufficiently controlled.

Hospice care can play a pivotal role making the end-of-life processes easier and more meaningful to the patient and their loved ones.

In the City of Ventura, Ojai, Oxnard and all areas of Ventura County, we are just a phone call away. We have several in-patient facilities and our medical, psychological and spiritual counselors travel anywhere within the greater Ventura County area.

We stand ready to provide the highest quality palliative care for you loved one in an environment of kind, compassionate care, with a plan tailored to the wishes and conditions of your loved one in harmony with your family’s spiritual and cultural beliefs and directives of your loved one.

Hospice in Ventura County

Our Ventura County hospice team takes the time to get to know your loved one and your family by learning about you and your loved one at the onset. We will always conduct a thorough in-take interview when considering our facility. We need to get to know your specific needs and to become familiar with your family pathos and loved one’s directives in order to tailor a plan that works for your family that provides the specific medical care required.

We are well-connected throughout Ventura County with reciprocity alliances with numerous registered nursing homes and hospitals that are available to our patients. Some families opt for in-home care or continuous support and care at a nursing home when they do not lodge with us. In any of these arrangements, each family is assigned a case worker who serves as your family advocate.

As the end approaches, we are sensitive to the fact that every family has its own belief system and that each culture has its own traditions to honor the end-of-life. There are also those who have no spiritual practice who simply use this final time to share the highest possible quality time with their loved one in peace and tranquility.

We adapt our service to meet your specific needs. If your family needs education on diseases, symptoms, the end-of-life process we stand ready provide information and education. Families often get overwhelmed and simply need help around the house. Our domestic team can cook, clean, do laundry, take care of children and grandchildren as if they were an extended family member.

Our multi-cultural Ventura County care team consist of highly qualified and caring experts of medical doctors, nurses, social workers, clergy and volunteers, many of whom speak other languages common in Ventura County. We stand ready to serve you and a welcoming environment of compassion and expert care.